We at Algotraders enable fund management operations for clients and firms. We build models of how specific instances of the market work, using our algorithms. All the funds are managed with our own in-house designed algorithms combined with years of trading experience. We at Algotraders believe in client trust and transparency, hence we publish our fund’s statics “LIVE” for our all traders and people to see and follow.


My name is James York, and I am a vital team member of the AlgoTraders group. I started out as a full-time trader and entered the equity market in 2001. Since 2001, it’s been a long journey for me and finding my way into the market was never easy. After a few years of trading, I found my first success when I chose point of interest (POI) as a way of trading.

The POI (point of interest) is a long-term strategy algorithm that is traded on daily and weekly charts. The algorithm looks for a specific price level at which some technical parameters are happening at a specific point and time.

Epsilon 9

The Epsilon 9 is a momentum based algorithm purely focused on the speed of the price. It is a well-known fact that in a defined time if the price accelerates from point A to point B (point A-B are also under exact definition), the price will be very likely to reach the next resistance area.

One of the significant features of Epsilon 9 is its news analysis capability. The algorithm predicts when the key news announcements are to be released and analyses the probability of the impact.


We designed the BAT algorithm to be the most aggressive algorithm. Even though the algorithm doesn’t run on low risk, but the rewards are pretty impressive.

When we designed the BAT, we sure knew that it would be different in many ways from the other algorithms. The algorithm has a unique story regarding its design, implementation and its making into a profit generator algorithm.

Algo 808

When a group of traders looked for a way to automate trading, little they knew that they would end up designing probably the most versatile and advanced algorithm. The AlgoTraders 808, a trend trading algorithm came into existence when a group of traders looked for a way to automate trading.

The algorithm went through a series of tests while keeping the core of the algorithm intact, to obtain fully optimized results.


  • Complete automation of entry and exit positions.
  • Years of verified successful trading history
  • Enabling a reduction in transaction cost of trading
  • Ultra-fast execution of large orders reducing the market impact simultaneously.
  • A robust and cutting edge technology at your disposal.
  • Minimum risk of manual errors when placing trade orders or opening trading positions


  • A particular instance of the market in the form of data reaches our system.
  • The data is then forwarded to our trading strategies running inside our multiple systems.
  • The trading strategies then create trading signals based on analysis, filtering & processing of market data.
  • Upon the final approval based on the trading signals, the final actions are executed.
  • Once executed the orders are sent to the respective markets or trading platforms.

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Why Choose Us

We at AlgTraders are backed by traders with nearly two decades of full-time trading experience. Our algorithmic trading systems are implemented with thoroughly back-tested rules for trading, giving you an extra edge. We identify unique market conditions from which we can make a profit. It is then that we implement the data to the algorithmic trading strategies, specific to the market conditions. Think of a team of professional traders working for you at the speed of light.
Our algorithmic trading services ensure that you enjoy profits over your investment in all market conditions. If that is not all, we offer a live insight into our fund’s statics and live trades so as to build trust among our users.